California To Vote On Toughening Crime Laws in 2020

A measure to toughen crime laws in California passed for the 2020 election on Monday.

Originally intended for the 2018 ballot, the measure aims to reverse reforms voters have approved in the last decade.

If passed, it would roll back 2014's Proposition 47 and 2016's Proposition 57.

Proposition 47 reduced select crimes from felonies to misdemeanors while Proposition 57 let nonviolent convicts petition for early release and take part in rehabilitation programs.

The bid would shorten the list of inmates allowed to apply for early parole and change some theft crimes from misdemeanors back to felonies. It also could broaden crimes where DNA is collected - a group that got smaller when certain felonies began being classified as misdemeanors.

The State Department of Justice released crime statistics on Monday that show California's property crime rates decreasing by 2.1 percent from 2016 to 2017. The violent crime rate per 100,000 people increased by 1.5 percent.


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