Picture Of Homeless Bay Area Man Passing Out Resumes Goes Viral

A homeless Mountain View man went viral over the weekend after a Twitter user posted a picture of him standing in the road passing out resumes.

David Casarez moved to Silicon Valley last September with dreams of launching a startup.

He is a college graduate who had three years of experience as a software developer, but underestimated the cost of living in the bay.

Casarez had a hard time finding work and was living in his van until it was taken away in June after he couldn't make payments. 

Since then, he's been sleeping in a park ... but the determined web developer didn't let his circumstances get the best of him.


He began standing on streets with a sign that said "Homeless. Hungry for success, take a resume."

A woman posted pictures of Casarez and his resume on Twitter Friday and it went viral, garnering 135,000 retweets.

Now, Casarez is receiving job offers and assistance.

He posted a thank you message on Twitter Sunday morning.



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