Bill To End Bail In California Passes Legislature

California state senators approved a bill that would end bail in the state and replace it with a risk assessment system on Tuesday.

The 26-12 vote means the bill is headed to Governor Jerry Brown's desk for review.

If passed, California would become the first state to ever completely end bail for those awaiting trail.

Senators who support the bill think it could help combat discrimination against low income people who can't afford bail while opponents say it's a public safety risk.

Without a bail system, suspects arrested for nonviolent misdemeanors would be released within 12 hours of booking. Anyone accused of serious or violent felonies would not be eligible for release before trail.

Local courts and the state's Judicial Council would have the power to decide whether or not to release someone based on how likely they are to return for their court date and the danger they potentially pose to the community.


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