Toddler Shot In South Sacramento Taken Off Life Support

Update: The Sacramento Bee is reporting that Azalya was taken off of life support on Monday evening. Her family has yet to comment on the situation.

Original Story Published Monday:

The toddler who was shot in South Sacramento last Tuesday has been pronounced brain dead by the UC David Medical Center.

The hospital released a statement saying that 3-year-old Azalya was examined by doctors on Friday and Saturday before she was determined brain dead at 1:02 a.m. on Saturday. 

The statement by UC Davis said in part:

“Like everyone, we have been terribly saddened about what happened to this young child. Our caregivers send their thoughts to Azalya’s family following this tragedy.”

The shooting happened last Tuesday night off Power Inn and 68th avenue. 

Homeowners are asked to check security camera footage to see if there are any clues about the vehicle or suspect involved. Investigators believe the little girl was inside the home when shots were fired from the outside near the street.

Toddler Shot During Drive-By Shooting In Sacramento Identified
Toddler Shot During Drive-By Shooting In Sacramento Identified
A toddler shot inside her home Tuesday night off Power Inn Road and 68th Avenue has been identified.


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