Water At Lodi Middle School Tests Positive For Cancer-Causing Chemicals

Water flowing through Henderson Middle School's drinking fountains and faucets tested positive for carcinogens.

Now, the Lodi Unified School District is trying to figure out how to make sure students and staff have clean water before school resumes on Monday.

Tests done by the San Joaquin County Environment Health Department in May found unsafe levels of 1,2,3-trichloropropane in the campus' well water.

Since then, drinking fountains and faucets have been shut off at the school replaced with bottled water.

According to a Fox40 article, the district is installing a 5,000-gallon freshwater tank to insure clean, warm water is available on campus before the school resumes from its fall break on Monday.

The California School Employees Association previously filed a compliance order to make sure hot water would be accessible on campus by flu and cold season as it helps prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria.

Bottled water will still be on-hand for anyone who wants it.

The district is working with the State Water Board to try and connect the middle school to the Lodi Water system, but getting the required grant could take a minimum of two years.


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