Santa Rosa Residents Still Trying To Rebuild Year After Tubbs Fire

It was a year ago today that wildfires ripped through Northern California's wine country. 

Flames killed 40 people in Sonoma County and burned thousands of homes. The Tubbs Fire burned over 36,000 acres and 2,800 homes in Santa Rosa alone. In many areas, the rebuilding is only beginning. 

Hundreds of homeowners who lost their houses are complaining that a $1.3 billion U.S. Army Corps of Engineers cleanup project made their situations worse. Contractors were paid by the ton to clear the lots of the destroyed houses in four counties. They hauled away 2-million tons at an average of $280,000 to clear debris from each property. State officials say fraud is "probable," but a Corps spokesman says no evidence of fraud has been reported.

This weekend, a choral concert held at the Church of the Roses raised money for people still waiting for new homes. Reverend Cindy Alloway says over $3,500 was raised during the concert with all proceeds going to Habitat for Humanity. The event was put on partially because the church's music director is leaving after losing two homes from the Tubbs Fire. 

Cal Fire officials are reminding people October tends to be one of the more dangerous months for fires and wants people to be extra cautious with flames.


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