Elk Grove Parents Concerned Over Proposed LGBT Curriculum

Some Elk Grove parents aren't too thrilled about proposed history curriculum that will teach second graders lessons from a San Francisco drag queen.

Elk Grove parent Greg Burt, who also works for the California Family Council, said including Julio Jose Sarria, a drag queen who made history as the first openly gay person to run for office in America, is just going too far.

"I really do think it's highly inappropriate to introduce six and seven years old's to sensitive topics that are sexualized," Burt said. 

Elk Grove Unified Schools spokesperson Xanthi Pinkerton said Sarria's story is there to teach kids about how to make a difference.

"This particular lesson is about honesty and it's about inspiring other people and it will talk about other inspiring leaders who are gay," she said. 

Burt disagrees. 

"I just don't think Elk Grove parents are ready for their second graders to learn morality and honesty from a famous drag queen with a criminal record for solicitation," he said. 

Pinkerton said the state has approved this curriculum and now it's up to the district to adopt it or not. 

She said teachers will be trained on these topics.

"For areas where there might be subjects that we know are going to be difficult conversations to have or just complex issues, we'll make sure that we provide teachers with guidance," Pinkerton said. 

According to California's Fair Education Act, history-social science curriculum has to include the contributions of those identifying as LGBT.


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