Buckle Up and Hold On: Teen Driver Program

Your new teen driver may know how to parallel park or treat flashing lights as a four way stop. Following the speed limit? Easy. Merging lanes? Easy. 

Would they know in a split second what to do if they spin out, lose control, or even hit a pothole? Ford Motor Company is bringing its hands on Driving Skills For Life Program to Sacramento. Teen drivers will need to buckle up and hold on for this hands on driver education.

The leading cause of death for teens is vehicle crashes. For that, this class goes beyond what your teen learns in a standard driver education program. Far beyond pamphlets and lectures. 

Your teen won’t walk into a conference room and watch endless videos. 

“They will get in the car. They’ll spend about four hours going through probably up to eight different exercises of all new skills. Or talking about things they shouldn’t do like distracted driving and impaired driving,” said Jim Graham with Ford’s Driving Skills For Life Program.

It’s an opportunity to know what to do in a split second and what that feels like as opposed to just watching it on a screen. 

“You can experiment a little bit in a controlled environment and we encourage them to. If they’re going to make a mistake, let’s do it out here and let’s teach you how to correct that mistake.”

“We’ll team up the teen with a professional driving instructor. We’ll put them in some skill exercises where one of them they’ll have to learn how to control a car that might get loose in the back end or the back end breaks out like in slick surfaces,” explained Graham.

“We’ll put teens in with the instructor and they’re will be three lights that are green. They basically accelerate and two of them go red and they have to adjust and go into the lane that’s green. And, that simulates something happening on a highway,” added Graham as another example. 

It’s a series of exercises training teens they don’t need to panic, they need to make great decisions. 

There’s also exercises in speeding and spacing, braking and stopping, reaction time and hazard recognition. 

Teens and parents are encouraged to attend. It’s October 20th and October 21st  at McClellan Park with morning and afternoon sessions. It’s free. So you’re urged to preregister for either day here

Driving Skills For Life


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