Gone Viral: Men In Pink Never Looked So Good

Real Men DO Wear Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Several of them in Sacramento are stars of a video gone viral

The Sacramento area chapter of Real Men Wear Pink aims to raise money for the American Cancer Society’s breast cancer initiatives.

Men in pink boots walk all over Sacramento as they travel bits of places and people of Sacramento. The video, a parody of Nancy Sinatra’s “These Boots Are Made for Walking” an ode to “give breast cancer the boot.” 

“We used the Sacramento Kings arena, the mascot for the Sacramento Kings. We have the mayor of West Sacramento, a couple of other local elected leaders. We have Old Town Sacramento. We shoot from the top of the US Bank building. We used some drone footage. It backs up and you see all of Downtown Sacramento,” said Chad Bender, the guy in the pink wig in the video and the originator of the video. 


Bender has been bringing awareness to breast cancer since his wife lost her battle with the disease almost 20 years ago. 

“And, we’ve just been carrying this on. And we created this mantra, ‘Until there’s a cure, we walk.’” 

Bender joined Real Men Wear Pink Sac to help protect his daughter from the disease. So for that he’ll walk - even in pink boots.

“As most of us know, it’s genetic [breast cancer] so part of that is a concern of mine. And, I went through it once. I don’t want to go through it twice.”

He says he’s also easily motivated to keep bringing awareness and pushing for a cure after losing his wife. 

“If it just strikes a cord with just a few people and they feel encouraged to maybe go get checked out with something they’re a little suspicious about with their own health then that’s...that’s enough for us...that’s enough for me.”

Real Men Wear Pink Sac would love if you’d give the video a like or share and even consider honoring the women you love with a donation no matter how big or small big. 


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