Trump Calls For California Offshore Wind Progress

The Trump administration is opening up the auction of federal waters off the California coast for offshore wind-energy development.

This announcement was made Wednesday by U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke. 

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management has published a call for info and nominations for companies interested in this venture. The wind energy leases would be in three areas off central and northern California and amount to just over a thousand square miles. 

In a statement, Secretary Zinke said, "“We are always looking at new ways to increase American innovation and productivity to provide abundant and affordable energy for our homes and manufacturers. I think this is a win for America.”

The National Offshore Industry Association is pleased with Zinke's announcement. In a statement, NOAI President Randall Luthi said, "The upcoming call for commercial interest in areas offshore California presents a tremendous new opportunity for the offshore wind industry to expand to both sides of the continental U.S." 

Interested companies have a 100-day comment period closing in late January. For info on the call, including a map of the call areas and how to comment, click here. 


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