Fake News In California

Fake News By State

California was among the states that shared the highest volume of fake news via Twitter according to a study released by Twiends.

The study looks at fake news articles posted online from the past year and analyzed over 20,000 total Twitter users and nearly 15 million tweets. 

California ranked 4th for the number of Twitter users sharing fake news and 8th for the number of articles circulated per user. 

“California came in 4th with an average of nine fake news articles shared per Twitter user,” said Anja Solum with Twiends.

When it comes to Sacramento, in relation to the other cities that our Twitter sharers reside in, Twitter users in Sacramento who shared fake news shared about 15 fake news articles per user. Sacramento ranked 63rd,” added Solum.

You can see the full fake news study, what articles were debunked and which states shared what here.


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