It's Dry Now: Be Ready When Flooding Hits

It’s not raining just yet this season, but the California Department of Water Resources encourages you to assess your risk while it’s dry.

Some areas are especially prone to flooding in the region. 

“In and near Arcade Creek in the City of Sacramento, Humbug Creek up in Folsom and Deer Creek near Rancho Murieta. We also see flooding down toward the southern end of county in the Rio Vista area where the Delta really begins. The Cosumnes River in Wilton often over tops during heavy rain events,” said Chris Orrock with the Ca DWR. 

The Pocket area is also very susceptible to flooding. “Those folks living right behind the levees that protect them, but any type of really high water event could cause flooding in that area as well,” added Orrock.   

Orrock says be aware, know what your risks are, and be prepared. 

“To keep your property safe whether it be sandbagging, whether it be going out and clearing debris, or just knowing where you live and having a plan. Knowing that if you have to evacuate, don’t take this certain road because it goes to a low point that could flood.”

It doesn’t take much water to damage property and a car can float in just 6 inches of water. 

Devastating wildfires over the last two years have also made the entire state more susceptible to flooding. 

“Where you might not normally have a flood in an area on a slope because the roots and soil are able to absorb the water when it comes down, now after these wildfires – over 6,200 wildfires in California this year alone – the water could roll off. It becomes a mud flow. It becomes a debris flow.”

“If you get into these low laying areas as the water’s coming down, you’re at risk of being washed in the floods. So know how to get to the high ground, know what kind of kits to prepare. The Red Cross and FEMA have great tool kits on their websites on how to prepare an evacuation kit and an emergency kit,” advised Orrock. 

He says most importantly, if you’re told to evacuate, don’t wait. 

Easily navigate whether you live in an area prone to flooding, here. You can also type in your address at Cal OES to determine all natural hazards that impact your neighborhood. 

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