Sacramento Officials Address Lack of Childcare Facilities

When it comes to childcare in the Sacramento area, city officials say there's just not enough and families are suffering because of it.

Sacramento Councilmember Eric Guerra, along with a panel of policy experts, are working a plan to get more daycare facilities in the city.

Caylyn Wright with the Sacramento Association of Realtors is on that panel and said restrictive code requirements make building new daycare facilities in already-built environments very difficult.

"The facilities that we have existing downtown are grandfathered in and they wouldn't meet today's code requirements," Wright said. 

She said the problem with current code is that it requires a certain amount of outdoor space.

"But I think with today's technology, we can make great indoor spaces for children and still have room for them indoor to play," Wright said. 

She said an idea they're tossing around is to create state legislation that would make these codes a little less stringent in already-built environments.


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