Swastikas Scrawled on Walls in Davis School

Swastikas were found scrawled in the bathroom of a Davis junior high school -- this just two days after the tragic mass shooting at a Pennsylvania synagogue.

It was Tuesday night when swastikas were discovered in the boys' bathroom at Holmes Junior High.

In the wake of the Pittsburgh shooting, Davis Joint Unified Schools decided they needed to take action.

"This warranted a community-wide message to underscore the values of our school district, as well as to help with the investigation," said Maria Clayton, spokesperson for the school district. 

Clayton said more than 500 Davis residents came together Tuesday evening to show support for the victims of the Pittsburgh shooting.

"It's affecting many students, it's affecting many families, it's affecting staff," Clayton said. 

The vandalism was immediately cleaned up and the incident was reported to the Davis Police. They're now working with the school district to investigate.


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