Butte Sheriff Opens Missing Person Call Center

BUTTE COUNTY (KFBK) - A missing persons call center has been activated to assist those searching for loved ones still missing in the Camp Fire. 

The Butte County Sheriff's Office says the center will be staffed and calls answered daily from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. starting Sunday. 

Family and friends can call to report a person missing as a result of the Camp Fire.

The sheriff's office requests calls be made to the missing persons call center even if someone was previously reported missing. If someone has since been located, call to report that as well. 

The department says, "After receiving your report, a detective will call you back at a later time for additional information, or if necessary, instructions on submitting a saliva sample for DNA. 

Missing Person Call Center Phone Numbers

  • 530-538-6570
  • 530-538-7544
  • 530-538-7671

Residents can also go to  http://safeandwell.org to register as safe or check with family and friends.

The Butte County website also has a host of information for fire victims and others. It's at https://www.buttecounty.net/


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