UC Davis Treating Camp Fire Animals

Feathers the Goat

Goats, pigs and about 30 cats are under the watchful eye of UC Davis vets, who have been working around the clock since Saturday to help the animals heal from severe burns.

One goat named Feathers was brought in by her owner who said they like to check the mail together. Her owner has gone back to the fire area to help other animals while Feathers recovers.

First year resident Celeste Morris has been working with the animals firsthand. She said she's seen a lot of suffering since then -- little things like walking and eating are hard for these animals to do. 

"The more I work with them, the more I realize how amazing and strong they are," Morris said. "They inspire me everyday and it's an honor and a privilege to be able to support them and by translation, their families and whatever they're going through." 

She explained why burns are tough to treat.

"We love cases where we can do one thing or give one treatment and they get better," Morris said. "And burns are unfortunately not that way. It's always a long road." 

These animals are being treated with money that comes from donations. To find out how you can help, click here.


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