Double Homicide Suspect Shot and Killed in Butte County

Law enforcement shot and killed a double homicide suspect in the wildfire evacuation area in Butte County. 

The 48-year-old man was a parolee who lived in the area and was a suspect in a double homicide that happened two to four years ago. His identity hasn't been released yet. 

The Butte County Sheriff's office said the shooting happened around 11 o'clock this morning after a high-speed chase. Law enforcement responded to a call of a man acting suspicious. When they arrived, he drove off, leading officers on a chase down Highway 70. 

The chase ended near the community of Berry Creek. When the man didn't comply with officers, he was shot upon by four different law enforcement agencies. 

A K9 from Sutter County and the man's pitbull were also killed.


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