Sacramento Region to Get Millions in Federal Funding for Flood Protection

Sacramento River Levees

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is allocating more than $23 million for levee projects in Natomas and West Sacramento.  Congresswoman Doris Matsui says 22.5 million will go toward continued work on the Natomas Levee Improvement Project.

“We’re really working at building levees at the southern end and the eastern part of the basin,” said Matsui.  “As we get more money, we’ll go up the eastern edge to complete the levees there also.”

Mayor Christopher Cabaldon calls the $400,000 allocated for the West Sacramento Project "a very significant step" in his city's flood protection efforts.

“It’s essential to get the tap essentially open so that the federal investments can be completed and we can improve public safety for the entire city,” Cabaldon explained.  “The $400,000 is to begin the engineering and design work for what will be hundreds of millions of dollars in investments to complement what we’ve been spending locally.”


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