Sacramento Congresswoman to Support Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House

Nancy Pelosi with Doris Matsui and others

Congressional Democrats have nominated Nancy Pelosi to be the next speaker of the House… and she's getting support from a fellow Californian.

No one challenged Pelosi's nomination but the Congressional veteran will ultimately need a majority of the full House to approve her as speaker.  While a small group of Democrats has been pushing for new, younger leadership, Sacramento Congresswoman Doris Matsui says she'll be supporting Pelosi.

She’s the best person for the job,” said Matsui.  “She is a strategist, she is a leader; she understands how to herd both cats and dogs together.” 

Matsui also points to Pelosi's experience as speaker during the Obama administration.

“She has a legislative background and knows everything about the legislative process,” Matsui continued.

KFBK Political Analyst Gary Dietrich notes dissident Democrats haven't presented an alternative.

“Donald Trump even signaled that she might be his preference because, at least, she’s a commodity he knows,” Dietrich remarked.

Even with today's nomination, Dietrich says Pelosi is still 15 votes short of the number she'll ultimately need to become Speaker. 


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