Sacramento Skating Rink Donates Giving Tuesday Profits to help the Homeless

Downtown Ice Rink Skaters

Hundreds of Sacramentans went skating at the city's downtown ice rink earlier this week - and, by doing so, offered a helping hand to those looking for permanent housing. 

It was a new and unique Giving Tuesday idea.  Thanks to those who laced up their skates, Sacramento Self-Help Housing will be getting a $17,000 check from the city's Downtown Partnership.

“We decided to make a donation of all the skate admissions for the day,” said the Partnership’s Emilie Cameron.  “We also encouraged our skaters to joins us in 'skating it forward' to make additional donations to the organization.”

John Foley, Executive Director of Sacramento Self-Helping Housing, says the money will go to pay rent for those without a place to live.

“The most important thing for most of the folks on the street, in order for them to get their life back together, is to get a roof over their head and get a stable place to live,” said Foley.

Once they’re housed, specialists with Sacramento Self-Help Housing programs can work with tenants to help them secure jobs or, in some cases, disability payments. 


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