Elk Grove Police Targeting Package Thieves

Package Delivery left on Porch

With the amount of package thefts on the rise this time of year, Elk Grove Police are cracking down on so-called “porch pirates.”

Undercover detectives are targeting the thieves with bait packages and surveillance cameras.

“This type of crime is occurring more often, especially now during the holidays,” said Officer Jason Jiminez.  “We’re trying to do our part to send a message that we will be out there looking and we don’t want it done here in Elk Grove.”

Officer Jiminez says consumers can help deter theft by having packages delivered when they plan to be home or asking for help the old-fashioned way.

“Having your neighbor pick up the package isn’t so old school,” Jiminez continued.  “I think that’s still a viable option in today’s world.”  

Homeowners are advised to avoid taking the law into their own hands.

“We have what we believe is a pretty good game plan in trying to attack this problem,” said Jiminez.  “We would suggest leaving it up to police.”

Doing anything that could hurt another person, even if they're trying to steal your stuff, could end up landing you in trouble with the law.



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