Sacramento County Court Workers Go On Strike

Sacramento County Superior Court workers are walking the picket lines today.  The United Public Employees Union represents hundreds of court reporters, courtroom and account clerks.  Union reps say months of contract negotiations focusing on cost of living increases have gone nowhere.

"We don't want to justice delayed nor denied. We just want them to apply some of that justice when it comes to livable wages and better working conditions to their employees.  Those that are the backbone of the court, that are the blood that runs through the veins of this court system," said Union Executive Director Ted Somera.

Sacramento County court workers go on strike, December 11, 2018

Although a spokesperson for the court declined to be interviewed, a posting on the court's web site defended it's contract offer as "fair and consistent with other trial courts in the area. The statement goes on to say they are working to resolve the issues as quickly as possible.

 It's not clear how long the strike may last, or what impact it is having on courtroom sessions.  The courthouse jury pool area was empty on Tuesday, as all the prospective jurors were dismissed for the day.


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