Sacto City Council Considers Mass Transit Related Development Plans

At Tuesday's council meeting, Sacramento leaders will discuss a plan to increase development in areas near mass transit. The focus is on increasing transit ridership and getting people out of their cars.

The city wants to encourage high-density housing, office and retail space along transit lines. One thing they don't want is big parking lots. "We have gotten concerns from people that have existing businesses," said Greg Sandlund, a planner with the city of Sacramento. "Those businesses can continue to operate as is. They're grandfathered in."

Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg discusses mass transit area developments on December 11, 2018.

Mayor Darrell Steinberg says new developments will be given a break on existing parking rules. "If you're willing to build near transit, we will lower or eliminate your parking requirements because again, parking should not be such a stringent requirement when you have available transit. Just common sense," said the Mayor.

The city is also looking at not allowing multi-fuel gas stations or restaurants with a drive through near transit stations. The city's definition of "near" is within one quarter to one half mile.


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