Smoking will soon be Forbidden on Yolo County Properties

No Smoking Zone

Smoking will no longer be allowed on Yolo County properties thanks to a new ordinance going into effect January 1st.

The new policy prohibits smoking both inside and in the outdoor areas of the properties - including walkaways and parking lots. 

“It’s an effort to protect county employees and the people they serve,” said Public Health Director Brian Vaughn.  “It covers all smokeable items including marijuana, tobacco and vaping.”

Yolo County Health Officer Dr. Ron Chapman says smoke-free policies that address both indoor and outdoor spaces are some of the best ways to keep people healthy.

“There’s decades of research to show that when you’re exposed to secondhand smoke, it can affect the health of your lungs, the health of your nose, your ears, your throat…” said Chapman.

West Sacramento made its city-owned buildings and parks smoke-free last year, and UC Davis has had a smoke free campus since 2014. 


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