CA Regulators Consider Text Message Charge

California regulators are reportedly considering a plan to charge a fee for text messaging on mobile phones.  The idea is to generate revenue to fund programs which make phone service accessible to the low-income in the state.

The San Jose Mercury News reported Wednesday that the plan is due to come up for a vote at the January, 2019 meeting of the California Public Utilities Commission.

Woman uses her smart phone to send a text message.

There is already resistance to the idea from the wireless industry and business groups.  According to the newspaper, Jim Wunderman of the Bay Area Council, which is an advocacy group supported by business, the plan boils down to a tax on text conversations.

Reportedly it is not clear what the proposal might do the cost of texting service plans provided to individual customers of wireless companies.  It is possible the tax would be collected via a flat surcharge on your bill and not a per text fee.


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