CA Wildfire Insurance Cost Could Exceed $9 Billion

Insurance claims from last month's California wildfires already are at $9 billion.

State insurance commissioner Dave Jones announced the figure Wednesday and said it is likely to rise.

About $7 billion in claims are from the Camp Fire that destroyed the Northern California city of Paradise. The rest is for the Woolsey and Hill fires in Southern California.

California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones says claims for wildfires in the state have reach $9 billion and could go higher.

There are more than 28,000 claims for residential personal property, nearly 2,000 from commercial property and 9,400 in auto and other claims for the fires.

That's well above the number of claims filed following a series of fires that tore through Northern California's wine country last year. Losses resulting from those fires were initially pegged at $3.3 billion but eventually grew to $9 billion.

Camp Fire preliminary losses

Hill and Woolsey Fire preliminary losses

Total preliminary losses from 2018 wildfires


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