E. coli Tainted Lettuce Tracked To At Least One CA Farm

United States health officials have reportedly traced a dangerous bacterial outbreak in romaine lettuce to at least one farm in central California.  Officials said a water reservoir at Adams Brothers Farms in Santa Barbara County tested positive for the bacterial strain and the owners are cooperating with U.S. officials.

The federal officials said Thursday that there likely other farms involved in the E. coli outbreak and they warned that consumers need to continue looking at package labels for harvest locations before buying romaine lettuce.

Romaine lettuce on store shelves.

According to the Food and Drug Administration, 59 people are now confirmed to have been sickened by the contaminated lettuce. 

Government inspectors said they have narrowed the source of the E. coli outbreak to Santa Barbara, Monterey, and San Benito counties in California. The FDA said lettuce from other areas harvested after November 23rd should be safe to eat.


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