Leaf Collection Running Late In Sacramento

Sacramento is the city of trees and with that comes the fall leaf dump, clogging roadways and storm drains. This year the city says a perfect storm is putting them behind in getting all those leaves picked up.

Land Park resident Lloyd Saito says the city's leaf collection claw is running a bit late this year. "I don't think it's been picked up in about, I would say, three weeks out here," said Saito. 

Leaf pile in Sacramento

Erin Treadwell with the department of public works says the annual leaf drop came a little late this year and coupled with rain, it's putting them behind. "Our target is to be able to collect in every neighborhood every about fourteen days," Treadwell told KFBK. "Right now we're running about eighteen to twenty days since the last collection." 

Treadwell says the annual leaf drop coincided with a rain storm this year, adding water weight to the leaf piles. That slows down crews who are now working twelve-hour days, six days per week to catch up. Lloyd Saito doesn't believe that explaniation. "I don't know if I buy that," he said. "Those are pretty heavy duty trucks and whether a leaf is wet or it's dry,  don't know if I buy that."

While crews work to clear the streets, Treadwell says residents should put leaves in their green waste can because those are collected every week.

Sacramento maintains a calendar with estimates of when the claw is coming to your neighborhood. It is updated every night and residents are encouraged to check daily. You can find the claw schedule and search the calendar by street address HERE.



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