PG&E Accused Of Bogus Gas Pipeline Safety Documents

State utility regulators are accusing one of Pacific Gas and Electric Company of falsifying safety documents on natural gas pipelines for at least five years.

Word from the California Public Utilities Commission on Friday was that an investigation by its staff found PG&E did not have a sufficient number of employees to handle all the requests to locate and mark natural gas pipelines.

The regulators are accusing PG&E of pressuring supervisors and the employees marking gas lines to complete the work, which resulted in staff falsifying data between 2012 and 2017.

San Bruno 2010 pipeline explosion and fire aftermath.

PG&E was given a fine of three-million dollars by a U.S. judge after the utility was found guilty on six felony charges for failing to properly maintain a natural gas pipeline that exploded in San Bruno, CA south of San Francisco in 2010.  That explosion killed eight people.

PG&E on Friday declined to comment.


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