Suspects Caught After Shooting And High-Speed Chase

Three people are under arrest after what a Sacramento Police Department spokesman said was an early morning shooting followed by a high-speed chase with officers in Sacramento on Sunday.

It was a little before three o'clock in the morning when the officers responding to a call about a noisy party said they saw gunfire in the area of Azevedo Drive and Delgado Way in Natomas.  They said at least one person fired at homes and cars in the area, but no one was hurt, according to Sergeant Vance Chandler. 

As the officers approached the shooting scene three people got into a silver Dodge Charger and drove away, and that is when the chase began, according to Chandler.  The Dodge reached speeds of about 90 mph and eventually went into a skid before crashing through a wood fence at Arden Park and coming to a stop, according to the pursuing officers.  The three suspects allegedly got out of the car at that point and ran away.

High-speed chase on Sunday ends in Arden Park. Photo by Greg Fishman.

Two of the suspects were caught shortly after they ran, while the third suspect managed to avoid arrest for several hours before being detected in the backyard of home near the park.  That suspect was reportedly hiding under a tarp in a pile of firewood, but was found by police canine.

An unknown number of people living on Los Molinos Way were asked to evacuate as the search was conducted.

The shooting is still under investigation, Chandler said.



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