Big Amount Of Pot From Sacto Caught At Boston Airport

Massachusetts State Police detectives and U.S. Homeland Security agents say on Saturday, December 15 they received intelligence from law enforcement officials in Sacramento County about two people flying from Sacramento to Boston's Logan Airport with a large quantity of marijuana in several suitcases

Authorities in Boston began tracking Jerry McNair, 48 years old, and Ladonna Hardman, 57 years old, when they arrived at the airport in Boston.  When the two grabbed their luggage, they were pulled aside.  Saudia Watson, 37, also of California, was detained as well after retrieving a similar piece of luggage. 

Massachusetts authorities say they found over 150 pounds of illegal marijuana in luggage allegedly belonging to two people from Sacramento County. Photo via Massachusetts State Police and Facebook.

Officers say McNair and Hardman refused a request at the airport to search their luggage, so a search warrant was obtained.  Watson reportedly consented to a search.   As a result, officers claim a total of over 150 pounds of marijuana was found in the suitcases.

All three were later charge with intent to distribute and trafficking in an illegal substance.  They were scheduled to be arraigned Monday in East Boston District Court.


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