California Commits to a 100 percent Zero-Emission Bus Fleet

Electric Bus

The California Air Resources Control Board has voted unanimously to approve a rule committing the state to a zero-emission bus fleet by 2040.

It's an effort to fight transportation pollution.

“The public health and environmental benefits of this decision are huge,” said CALPIRG Executive Director Emily Rusch.  “Diesel buses are really an outdated technology that are particularly terrible for the public health of the people riding the bus and the people around those buses.”   

The Union of Concerned Scientists is calling the new standard great news for meeting California’s air quality and climate goals

“Transportation is the state’s largest source of climate emissions and, also, one of the largest sources of poor air across the state,” said senior vehicles analyst Jimmy O’Dea.  “This standard represents a major step in tackling those emissions head-on.” 

“This is the biggest public transportation breakthrough since we switched from trolleys to diesel buses a century ago,” added O’Dea.


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