Suspect Killed During Natomas Officer Involved Shooting

A wanted parolee was shot and killed today in a confrontation with Sacramento County Sheriff's Deputies. The shooting happened shortly after 12-noon in a parking lot near Truxel and San Juan roads. Sheriff's spokesman Shaun Hampton says the suspect had an extensive criminal background.

"The person...that we found here today has a one-million dollar warrant for his arrest pertaining to the crimes in a neighboring jurisdiction," said Hampton. "He also has an extensive criminal history as well as being a parolee at large from the California state prison system."

The suspect had been under surveillance following a theft and car chase in another jurisdiction. When he was spotted in Sacramento he was reportedly with a woman in the car.  Two deputies approached the man who then got out of the car and, according to investigators, made a direct threat to the deputies who then shot and killed the suspect.  The deputies said a gun and holster were found with the suspect who is identified only as a man in his 40's.

No deputies were injured in the confrontation.



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