Unlikely Camp Fire Hero Could Use Your Help

60-year-old James lived in a trailer in Paradise with best friend, affectionately known as Grandpa. 

During the fire, James tried to save himself and Grandpa by rolling Grandpa in a trash can. That didn't work too well, so James used the S.O.S signal on his flashlight and nearby firefighters brought him and Grandpa to safety. 

They lost everything and were living in a hotel eating only Cheerios...then they met Folsom woman Jamie Brandt.

"I just started thinking, 'These people need an advocate. They need somebody to help them walk through this process,'" Brandt said. 

Jamie says a lot of people have helped James and Grandpa so far and she started a GoFundMe campaign for an extra push. She says they're thankful for anything.

"I watch what these two are walking through with grace and dignity and joy, in spite of their circumstances," Brandt said. 

To help James and Grandpa, visit their GoFundMe page by clicking here.


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