Sacramento Police, Firefighters Team to Collect $2500 for Salvation Army

Sacramento Police and Firefighters teamed up to raise almost $2500 for the Salvation Army Friday afternoon during the inaugural Battle of the Badges “Ring Off.”

They manned the red kettles and rang Salvation Army bells outside the Arden Fair Mall Friday.  

Firefighters used their helmets and boots to collect donations from passers-by, police officers countering with their K-9's.

“The Salvation Army has a really long history of helping people that are in tough times – whether it’s from disasters like the Camp Fire or just everyday life,” said Police Chief Daniel Hahn.  “We’re more than happy to help.”

It was a friendly “Ring Off,” but there were some shenanigans.

“They have a robot here that tried to steal our kettle,” joked Fire Chief Gary Loesch.  “We were able to counter that with one of our fire hoses!”

The Fire Department came out on top in this Battle of the Badges - raising $1555 during Friday’s lunch hour. 

“Our persistence out there made the difference,” said Loesch.  “It was a great competition but we just had that little extra out there.  I think our elf put us over the top.”

In spite of efforts to arrest the Fire Department's elf, Sacramento Police raised $943 for the Salvation Army.

All of the money raised will stay in the Sacramento area to help locals in need.


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