Sacramento Life Center Seeking Donations for Expectant Mothers

Mother and Small Child

You’re invited to be a baby’s first Santa as Sacramento Life Center holds its annual Baby Basket Drive for local women and teens spending the holidays preparing to become new moms in the coming year.  Officials with the center hope to provide a basket of needed items to every patient who gives birth in 2019.

Donations can be made online through December 31st

While gifts of any amount are accepted, a donation of $50 buys one basket of formula, diapers, newborn clothes, pacifiers and other related items.

“One of the most overwhelming feelings is learning that you’re pregnant and fearing you won’t have the resources to care for your vulnerable baby,” said Marie Leatherby, executive director of the Sacramento Life Center.  “Sometimes something as simple as a gift of diapers and newborn clothes can give expecting mothers the confidence that they have a support system to help raise their child.  Gifts to our Baby Basket Drive give expecting mothers proof that they will always have a family here at the Sacramento Life Center and supporters out in the community rooting for their family.”

The Sacramento Life Center’s mission is to offer compassion, support, resources and free medical care to women and couples facing an unplanned or unsupported pregnancy.


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