CA Governor Announces Wildfire Preparedness Plans

Newly sworn California Governor Gavin Newsom plans to unveil new plans for dealing with wildfires and other emergencies. Newsom announcing those plans during a Tuesday news conference at a state emergency operations center in Colfax, which is a community considered to be at high risk for wildfire. 

The signing of an executive order that directs state agencies to "consider risk management through an added socioeconomic lens" is among Newsom's first actions since becoming governor Monday.  The executive order also requires emergency agencies in the state to identify geographic areas with populations that are particularly at risk during natural disasters.

"It’s not a coincidence that my first full day as Governor is focused on emergency preparedness. It’s deliberate, it reflects intentionality, and it speaks to the priority that I place on emergency preparedness, response and recovery," said Newsom.



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