Sac PD Body Cam Footage Shows Chase, Violent Struggle

Sacramento police are out with nine minutes of dash and body camera video from an officer's foot pursuit of a man they say was armed and who attempted to shoot the officer during a violent struggle for the man's gun.


The dash cam video starts with the officer is in his police cruiser and following a car allegedly driven by 33-year-old Artavious Coleman early last Sunday morning.  The driver of the vehicle apparently refuses to pull over, so the unnamed officer uses his siren multiple times to attract attention. The driver eventually can be seen parking on Seavey Circle in Sacramento, getting out the car, and running away. The officer begins to run after him and notifies police dispatchers via his radio that he is on foot.  During the chase, the officer seems to lose sight of the suspect and begins searching the area with a flashlight and his gun drawn.

33-year-old Artavious Coleman

Body cam video later shows the officer finding the suspect hiding and refusing commands before running away. The officer catches up to the suspect and tackles him.  Police say it was at that point that the body camera apparently fell off the officer.   However it continues to record audio of the incident.

While on the ground, the sounds a scuffle can be heard and the officer reports that he heard a clicking sound and the suspect stated that he was going to “shoot” the officer, so the officer is said to have used his taser device causing the suspect to drop to the ground. 

A police spokesman said the officer approached the suspect to detain him and felt a firearm in the suspect’s hand. "At that time, the officer realized that the clicking sound he had just heard was the sound of the trigger of a handgun being pulled by the suspect who had also stated that he was going to “shoot” the officer."

The officer's body cam recorded his commands to the suspect to “drop the gun." Police said the officer pinned the suspect’s hand and gun to the ground to prevent it from being fired.

Following what seems to be a violent struggle for the gun, the suspect is said to have bitten the officer on the wrist.  After approximately a minute and a half additional officers arrived on-scene and assisted with arresting the suspect.

Gun and ammunition allegedly taken from suspect Artavious Coleman.  Photo courtesy Sacramento Police.

Police noted that a records check showed Coleman to have a felony warrant from out of state for failing to register as a sex offender.

His gun was identified as a Lorcin Model L380 .380 caliber pistol. Police claimed there there several bullets in the magazine of the handgun but none in the chamber.

Coleman was taken to a local area hospital and released after being treated.


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