Scooter Rentals Likely Coming to Sacramento - Regulations Being Developed

Scooter Rentals

Jump bikes continue to grow in popularity around Sacramento and it likely won't be long before shared scooters are seen around the Capital City.

The electric devices could be available to use as early as May, but city officials want to first make sure the scooters don't become a nuisance.

“We’re designing an ordinance that will create new parking spaces for bike shares and scooters,” said Councilman Steve Hansen. “But if you park in the wrong spot, you could get a ticket.”   

Hansen wants to require Jump and other scooter providers to put at least twenty percent of their fleets in disadvantaged communities.

“Certainly they’ll be available in the core of the city,” Hansen explained.  “We want to get out to South Sacramento, Oak Park, North Sacramento and maybe South Natomas so we can provide this opportunity to those communities.”

 Councilman Hansen says scooters are an easy-to use, inexpensive mode of transportation that's heavily embraced in areas where residents need more options that just the cost of owning and operating a car.


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