Emergency Alert System Test A Success

On January 15th at 10:00 am, Sacramento, Placer and Yolo counties tested the local emergency alert system. The test was inclusive of those that have opted into the local Emergency Alert system (cell, landline and email) and the residential landlines in the e911 data system. But emergency managers want even more people to sign up.

The goal was to test the capacity of the system, educate the public on the need for the alert, and encourage residents to opt-in to receive the alert. In Sacramento county, 214,694 alerts went out to cell phones, email addresses and landlines. Janna Haynes with Sacramento county says this week's storm is a good reminder of why people should sign up for the service. Any flooding or other emergencies which arise from the storm will be communicated quickest through the opt-in system. She says most people received the alert text or email within seconds of when it was sent. Phone calls took a little longer as cell towers can only deliver so many at a time.

The public may register at Sacramento-Alert.org or Placer-Alert.org or Yolo-Alert.org depending on where they work, live or have children in school and want to receive alerts. Residents can sign up for multiple addresses/devices in order to cover every geographical location they wish to receive alerts.  Residents may also download the Everbridge App on either Apple or Google Play stores to receive push-alert notifications through the app, once registered.


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