Gov Newsom's Plan To Reduce Affordable Housing Problem

Governor Gavin Newsom on Tuesday traveled to San Jose to announce a series of proposals to improve housing affordability in the state.  Newsom promised in his inaugural address last week that his administration would make affordable housing a top priority.

Newsom was surrounded by Bay Area families who reportedly have been considering leaving the state due to the high cost of housing, as he signed an executive order and presented a number of proposals intended to spark the construction of more housing.  Those proposals are considered crucial to his broader "California for All" plan.

The executive order signed by Newsom is supposed to spur affordable housing development on state land.  In addition, he said 1.75 billion dollars in new housing production funds are included in his budget to help provide incentive for additional housing, and he is asking members of the Legislature to work together on efforts to help renters and slow substantial increases in rents.

During a roundtable discussion on Tuesday, San Jose residents were asked share stories of dealing with the high cost of housing and rent. Shavell Crawford said she and her husband-to-be doubted that they could afford an apartment without roommates once they were married. Nuemi Guzman, a legal assistant, said she had to commute two hours to work and another two hours back home because she could not afford to live any closer to her job, which means she spends less time with her two children each night.


"The California Dream is in peril if we don't act to address this housing crisis," said Governor Newsom. "The cost of housing (for both for homeowners and renters) is the defining quality-of-life concern for people across this state."


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