Coverage Of Officer Natalie Corona Memorial

University of California, Davis officials said they expected up to 6,000 law enforcement officers from around the country to attend the Friday memorials service for slain Davis police officer Natalie Corona.  Those officers in addition family members, friends, and members of the public.

The program at the memorial service for Corona described her as a compassionate, fun-loving 22-year-old whose passion for police work started when she was young.

The program also noted Natalie Corona's love for police work was more than just a career, that she was a thrill seeker who went skydiving, loved roller coasters, liked shooting guns and going out with friends and family.


Corona was shot and killed January 10th near the UC Davis campus.  During a standoff with police the alleged shooter is said to have taken his own life inside a home near the shooting spree that claimed Corona's life.



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