Brockovich Urges CA Leaders To Halt PG&E Bankruptcy

The consumer activist Erin Brockovich is urging California lawmakers not to let Pacific Gas and Electric Company go bankrupt because it might mean less money for wildfire victims.

Brockovich spoke Tuesday in Sacramento alongside people who have sued the utility after losing their Northern California homes in 2017 and 2018 wildfires. Brockovich is best known for her environmental lawsuit against PG&E in the 1990s that became the subject of a movie.


The utility has announced it plans to file for bankruptcy this month, saying it can't afford at least $30 billion in damages related to the wildfires.

Experts say a bankruptcy will likely mean wildfire victims who have sued PG&E won't be fully paid.

Brockovich also says California lawmakers must adopt better oversight of the utility.


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