HUD Hands Out $45 Million Worth Of Homelessness Grants In Central Valley

Dr. Ben Carson

The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development has awarded over 45 million dollars in grants to renew support for 134 homeless assistance programs in California’s 17-county Central Valley . All the programs had previously received funding from HUD.

"At this time of year, thousands of local homeless assistance providers receive federal funding to operate and maintain stable housing for those living in our shelter system and on our streets," said HUD Secretary Ben Carson. "Renewing these grants will come as a huge relief to these providers, and it will allow them to continue their work to house and serve our most vulnerable neighbors."

"With this targeted investment, HUD continues supporting effective community-based programs that deliver housing and services to meet the needs of homeless people across the Central Valley," added HUD Regional Administrator James Stracner.

The HUD Continuum of Care grant funding is meant to support a variety programs. Those include programs which assist homeless individuals and families, particularly those living in anywhere not suitable for human habitation, people living in sheltering programs, or those who are greater risk of becoming homeless.

Get more information on the grants here .


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