Sacramento Looks To House Homeless

Sacramento is considering a plan to spend millions of dollars on homeless shelters.

Mayor Darrell Steinberg's proposal is for 36-million-dollars to shelter 24-hundred homeless a year over the next two years. Steinberg says the money would come from a combination of Measure "U" reserve funds, as well as state and private funding.

The city council will consider the plan during next week's budget meeting. Some council members say the money could be better spent on public pensions and liabilities, deferred maintenance, and public safety.

Sacramento City Council member Jay Schenirer on Tuesday presented a preliminary proposal for homeless shelter at the Florin Road light rail station parking lot. Schenirer asked to hear from residents in the 5th District about what would be a non-permanent structure which would, for a few years, include 100 beds for the homeless.

Mayor Steinberg has asked all council members to find a location for a similar shelter in their district.

Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg


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