Paradise Residents Being Forced To Leave Temporary Homes

A decision made on Monday by the Paradise Town Council will force hundreds of people living in recreational vehicles and other types of temporary housing to leave their burned out properties. The move comes after federal authorities threatened to withhold paying for the massive cleanup of California's most destructive wildfire.

The council rescinded a two-month old law which gave Camp Fire victims the ability to live use motors homes and other shelters on their wildfire-damaged property while rebuilding permanent structures. Thousands of Paradise residents were returned to the properties only to find they were homeless after the wildfire destroyed most of Paradise. Many of those people are still without some of kind of reliable shelter.

Paradise Mayor Jody Jones said the council had to rescind the law because Federal Emergency Management Agency officials said it would end funding of the cleanup if residents were allowed to live on properties before before the land has been cleared of debris.

On Monday afternoon the Butte County Board of Supervisors also voted to rescind their earlier decision to allow county residents to live in RVs or other temporary housing on property destroyed by the Camp Fire.


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