Governor Newsom Makes Good on Charitable Super Bowl Wager

California Governor Gavin Newsom has made good on his Super Bowl bet with Massachusetts Governor Charlie Brown.

It was an unusual wager. The stakes required the Governor to do a community service project at a local charity if his state's team lost Sunday's big game.

The Patriots beat the Rams in Super Bowl LIII, so Governor Newsom chose to spend time serving meals and visiting with the homeless at Sacramento's Loaves and Fishes dining room.

“Homelessness is an issue that deserves to be highlighted,” said Governor Newsom. “A number of the people that were being served said it’s never been worse; you need to do something… the encampment that I was in, now there’s seven people competing for that space that I used to have for years.”

Over a plate of casserole and green beans, John Kraintz told the Governor spiraling rent costs are keeping many on the street.

“We’ve got to stop building nothing but very high-priced real estate, which is what we seem to be doing in Sacramento,” Kraintz said. “There’s a lot of construction, but almost none of it is for low income – which is not $40,000 a year the way it’s defined.”

Governor Newsom says he’s working closely with Sacramento Mayor Darrel Steinberg on homelessness issues.

“Not just housing affordability and shelters from a temporary prism, but also the issues that underlie why people are out on the streets and sidewalks,” Newsom explained. “Mental health/ brain health issues, substance abuse issues...”


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