Priest Upset Over 'Hate Symbol' On Pillow Bought At Walmart

A priest in California is upset over purchasing a pillow from Walmart that had a symbol of hate on it.

"I was like how could this happen?" said Ryan Newman. "How could this get through the Walmart buying channels?"

Newman and his family just moved to Fresno and were looking for items to decorate their new home. They came across a Paris-themed pillow and made the purchase online from walmart-dot-com. When the pillow was delivered, Newman noticed an Adolf Hitler postage stamp and a Swastika symbol featured in the design. When Newman contacted Walmart, they said the pillow was listed on a third party seller and it was in violation of their policy.

In a written statement, Walmart said they "regularly scan our marketplace for these types of items, but unfortunately, the offensive image wasn't visible on the pillow's photo and we weren't aware of it until the customer reached out." The item has since been removed from its online marketplace and it's reviewing other items listed by the seller.

Newman said this is personal to him and his family.

"Both my wife and I have Jewish heritage," he added. "To us this is a symbol of hate."



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