Young Adults Invited to Grieve with their Peers in UC Davis Art Group

The UC Davis Hospice Program is offering a free eight-week Bereavement Art Group for young adults (17-24) who are dealing with the recent death of a loved one.

“We talk about adjusting to the world now that your loved one is no longer in it,” said Art Therapist Katie Lorain. “We talk about memorializing your loved one and finding a way to carry them with you.”

Discussions will address topics including acknowledging and understanding grief, expressing and accepting one's feelings, changing roles, coping with stress and developing supportive relationships.

Art projects will provide participants an alternative way to communicate.

“Grief is often difficult to process verbally, so art is used to express emotions,” Lorain explained. “Sometimes that metaphor is less threatening than actually putting those thoughts into words.”

The group also allows participants to connect with others who can validate their experience.

“Often, they don’t have people in their social circle that can relate,” Lorain added.

The grief support Art Group will meet for eight Thursdays starting February 28th. Registrations are being accepted through the UC Davis Hospice Bereavement Office.


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