Frank Russell Retiring after 25 years with Law Enforcement Chaplaincy

Chaplain Frank Russell is officially retiring from service with Sacramento’s Law Enforcement Chaplaincy . After twenty-five years, the 68-year old says it's time to pass the baton.

“There are others who are coming forward and ready to serve in various capacities,” said Chaplain Frank. “The time is right.”

His wife of 48 years, Mindi Russell, leads the chaplaincy team and calls her husband a great role model for young officers.

“He was a man of honor and a man that walked his faith,” said Chaplain Mindi. “He didn’t do a lot of talking. Didn't have to. Those officers knew where he stood with integrity and honor.”

“He was good at his job because he’s a very passionate, empathetic man,” Chaplain Mindi continued. “He really had that sense of how to help somebody in the worst times of their life.”

Chaplain Frank helped locally and nationally, including after the Boston Marathon bombing.

He left the eleven new chaplains sworn in Thursday night with these words:

“God will be with you, so go and serve the brokenhearted and lift up those who need encouragement. Work hard and stay humble. Listen well and talk very little. Covet the rich reward of friendship; heavenly rewards will come later.”


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